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Handmade pendant in the shape of a ball made of jewelry epoxy resin and black hornbeam wood. Handmade miniature mountain pendant

Our products have been manually made to order by our artisans since 2016. We are inspired by nature and embody ideas in our work. Each product is unique, an exact repetition of the original is not possible! We work with wood of different types and with jewelry epoxy resin.Products are not afraid of water, but we recommend that you protect them from direct sunlight and also from shock and heavy loads.
Rings can be made in sizes from 15 to 21 mm, all other sizes can be made to order.
Feel free to contact us and ask questions about your products, used materials, delivery or payment. We answer all your questions in detail and as quickly as possible.

Magma ball pendant Wood handmade pendant Wood resin pendant for girl and men.


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