Handmade Hanger


  • Handmade


Pendant black hornbeam wood and blue epoxy. It is possible to make any wood and resin to your taste. You can order individual jewelry from the kit, just email us

All our jewelry is handmade, unique and inimitable, made with the highest quality wood from all over the world. We create a word in every jewelry for you.
The rings can be made in sizes from 15 to 21 mm, all other sizes can be made on request. Any piece of jewelry in eny set can be orderded independenly. Please, don’t be shy to contact us and ask any questions you have about our products, the materials used, delivery or payment. We will answer all your questions in details and as soon as possible.

Moonstone Handmade Wooden Secret of Wood Pendant Wooden Jewelry Natural Jewelry Pendant for Girlfriend and Husband Crystal Resin Pendant.


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